Empowering people and communities to address their own health care needs...

The Health Reform Coalition believes that less costly care can yield better medical outcomes, consistently and in a sustainable manner.  We also believe that using existing resources smarter and sooner can enable community organizations to better meet rising demand.  This is of tremendous importance since our population is aging and income inequality is beginning to take its inexorable toll on society, bringing with it complex health and social issues that must be better coordinated and planned for to achieve the best outcomes in the least amount of time, for the lowest cost.
By working together we can help anchor institutions and safety net programs leverage the strengths of the local community.  This will allow us to better meet the needs of vulnerable populations, like veterans, disabled persons  and poor seniors living with costly cancer and complex chronic diseases.  These represent the most deserving and costly health care consumers on the planet, largely because the care they receive is most often fragmented, uncoordinated, improperly “managed” and therefore, risky.
In less than 6 months after launching in a target community, we believe that every patient enrolled in our program will achieve better outcomes for lower cost than nonparticipants.  We also believe that that every job we create will pay for itself through savings directly attributed to PHIERS, the public health information exchange and referral service.  PHIERS is comprised of 3 core applications designed to improve the quality and continuity of care for high risk patients as they travel across settings and between providers.

Our Goals...

  • Demonstrate that, between now and the upcoming election, it is possible to improve options for and the health status of participating veterans and people living with cancer and chronic diseases.  

  • Assist front-line public health and community-based organizations in achieving their goals of improving health, saving time and cutting costs of healthcare delivery to high risk populations.

  • Maximize the quality, impact and reach of effective health interventions and healthcare dollars spent, without legislation or increasing the federal deficit.

  • Provide convenient access to safe, affordable, FDA-approved treatment and diagnostic options for patients struggling with cancer and chronic diseases.

Working together, the HRC believes it can generate more than enough savings to cover the cost of Medicare for All (Sanders), Medicaid expansion (Kasich) and the Public Option (Clinton).  This program will also reduce savings by opening up and increasing competition by crossing state and institutional boundaries for a fraction of projected costs (Trump).  

So what does this mean?  That PHIERS is a viable and nonpartisan solution that addresses the major goals for health reform held by all four major Presidential candidates, without increasing taxes, raising the deficit or requiring legislation or permission from establishment leaders.  

Furthermore, we are self-funded and have no corporate ties, allowing us to operate independently, without conflicts of interest or obligations to those who value profits more than people.  Said differently, we are committed to doing only that which serves the public's interest - as we are owned, operated by and accountable to members only (the 99%).  The jobs we create will strengthen and expand the safety net and tax base needed to help cities and states preapre for the long-term care and retirement crisis that will soon engulf our nation.

Instead of focusing on the problems facing America's health care system, our coalition devotes its time to innovative solutions that serve the best interests of humanity. We begin each project by asking different and better questions; identifying a path to better outcomes; creating a plan with well defined performance and quality measures; and then leading by example.

We hope you will join us.